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Club Rules

Course Rules

Subject to Change

List of Rules
  • The General Manager, Golf Professionals and golf course employees shall enforce the course rules.
  • USGA rules of golf, as augmented by the local rules, shall govern all play. Four hour and ten minute pace of play

Tee Time Policy

List of Rules
  • Tee time reservations will only be accepted either online or made directly with our reservations team.
  • Golf Members may make tee times bookings up to 12 months in advance.
  • Weekend bookings must be a minimum of three (3) players in the group – failure to fill the group with at least three (3) players will result in loss of tee time privileges for the next four (4) weeks. If you do not have a minimum of three (3) players, please contact reservations team to be paired with other players.
  • Any tee time that is a “no show” may result in loss of tee time privileges for the next four (4) weeks.
  • Tee times must be cancelled twenty-four (24) hours in advance. Failure to cancel twenty-four (24) hours in advance may result in the loss of tee time privileges for the next four (4) weeks.
  • All players must register/check in and be ready to play at least 15 minutes prior to play.
  • Players must start play from the first/tenth tee or as authorized by golf operations personnel. “Cutting-in” and starting on any other hole is not permitted. Failure to check in and register fifteen minutes prior to a reserved starting time may result in you missing your tee time.
  • Each player must have their own set of clubs.
  • Metal Spikes are not allowed on the golf course.
  • Golf marshals may be on duty to help regulate play and enforce golf cart regulations. Your cooperation is appreciated and expected.
  • No more than -four players are permitted in a group unless authorized by the golf operations staff.
  • Spectators are at the discretion of the golf operations team and must adhere to the dress code and policies and procedures that govern golfers. All course signs must be observed.
  • Each player should use his or her respective locker rooms to change into golf attire. Use of the parking lots or Club restrooms as a changing area is not allowed.
  • Children under the age of fourteen (14) will not be allowed on the golf courses unless properly equipped and accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • No children under the age of fourteen (14) may be left at the Club or on the golf course without the supervision of a responsible adult at all times.